Ua Withya Public Company Limited has participated and announced intentions of  Private Sector Collective Action, Coalition against Corruption (CAC) and set up a policy of Anti-Corruption date since 17 December 2015, tougher with other activities in order for applying certification. In 2019, UWC has received a certificate at CAC National Conference Day 2019.

  1. All executives have duties and responsibility to ensure that its own subordinate realizes and understand the Anti-Corruption and Fraud Policy and already be trained sufficiently and regularly.
  2. Employee will perform to be in line with Anti-Corruption and Fraud Policy. In case of any query or find any violation to Anti-Corruption and Fraud Policy shall immediate report to superior or through the Company’s reporting channel specified according to policy for misconduct and fraud, investigation, and protection the whistle blowers.

Policy and Practice Policy and Practice

  1. Company has Zero-Tolerance Policy and conduct in compliance with related legal requirement to Ant-Corruption and Anti-Bribery in Thailand
  2. Company will not involve in the bribery and corruption both indirect and direct and determines to implement effective system to anti-bribery and anti-corruption.
  3. Employee of the Company will not involve in the bribery and corruption to government officer and private officer such as personnel from various companies which have transaction with Company both direct and indirect in order to receive or maintain the business or competitive advantage.

Company will not contribute for money, items and/or joining activities, as well as encourage employees to participate in the political activities on behalf of Company in order to gain advantage of competitive trade business.  Therefore, not including employees who participate the activities as per personal right. Company has policy to conduct business as neutral, nonaligned to any politic or professional politician of any political party, and not use capital or other assistances to support politics as per above meaning by aiming to business advantage.

Might be risk to Company due to these activities relates to spending money without any physical return and might be used as reference or route line for corruption and in order not to contribute for charity with hidden objective, Company has set up policy and criteria regarding Charitable Contribution, review process, and detail of control as follows:

  1. Shall prove that the activities according to the charitable contribution project is real, and shall conduct to support to achieve objective of the project and to create real benefit to society.
  2. Shall prove that that Charitable Contribution is not involve in reciprocal benefit to someone or some authorities, except the commemorative certificate announcement as general practice such as Logo attachment, name list announcement at the event or media in order for publication, etc.
  3. For Charitable Contribution shall fill in the form of Charitable Contribution and others (Enclosure 1), specifies do nee and objective of contribution with supporting document to propose to authorized person for Company to consider and approval according to the authorities table of Company
  4. Shall follow up for thank you letter or acknowledgement or receipt in order to submit to Accounting & Finance Department.

Objectives for business to promote brand or Company’s reputation which might be risk due to it’s the payment for services or benefit which is difficult to evaluate and follow up for sponsorship which might connect to bribery. Company has set up policy and criteria of sponsorship, review process, and detail of control including the assessment the received benefit as follows:

  1. Shall prove that the done really conducts that project and to perform in order to achieve objectives of the project and to create real benefit to society.
  2. Shall prove that sponsorship or other benefit can calculate as cash basis such as offering accommodation and food, etc., not related to reciprocal benefit to someone or some authorities, except the commemorative certificate announcement as general practice.
  3. For Sponsorship shall fill in the form of Charitable Contribution and others (Enclosure 1), specifies donee and objective of contribution with supporting document to propose to authorized person for Company to consider and approval according to the authorities table of Company
  4. Shall follow up for thank you letter or acknowledgement or receipt in order to submit to Accounting & Finance Department.
  1. Company realizes that building good relationship with business alliance is important to continually bring achievement to Company.
  2. Employees can provide/receive gifts to/from others if it falls into the following condition.
    • No action to intent to dominate, to lead or to compensate anyone in order to take the benefit from misconduct, or clearly exchange or hidden in order to receive assistance or To provide on behalf of Company, not on behalf of that employee.
    • Not offering gifts in cash or equivalent to cash (such as gift card or complementary card).
    • Appropriate to situation such as little gift during Song Kran Festival, Chinese New Year or New Year as normal custom.
    • To disclose, no hidden.
    • benefit.
  3. Business Entertainment and other expenses related to conduct business contract which can perform but with reason, able to inspect, and proceed according the working expenses procedure.
  4. Employee can receive gift which value not more than 5,000 Baht. In case of cannot deny and shall receive the gift which value more than 5,000 Baht, shall inform superior and use Receiving Gift Form (Enclosure 2) and send that gift to Human Resources Department in order to be prize for employee or contribute to charity as appropriate.
  1. Subsidiary and affiliate that Company has control power, Company will inform and support subsidiary and affiliate to conduct business in compliance with Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy.
  2. Representative and business media.
    Not Allow for employee to hire representative or business media which having objectives to corrupt or bribe.
  3. Product supplier/Service Provider/Contractor
    Company will provide the procurement for product/service with fairness and transparency, including will carefully evaluate the Product supplier/Service Provider/Contractor. Moreover, Company will inform Product supplier/Service Provider/Contractor for this policy and Company will reserve the right to cancel order and service. If it’s found out that Product supplier/Service Provider/Contractor corrupt or bribe.

            All employees will regularly receive training regarding anti-corruption bribery in order to create the awareness of Anti-Corruption and Fraud Policy, especially in several type of bribery. Risks participating in the process of bribery, as well as reporting method when finding malpractices or corruption.

            All employees will receive copy of Anti-Corruption and Fraud Policy in order to ensure that they receive and understand for Anti-Corruption, Fraud and Bribery Policy. Moreover, still could see the policy from the updated information from Company’s website:   Company will keep employees inform when having updated major information.

            Training for Anti-Corruption and Fraud Policy will be part of orientation or before taking the position of all new employee of Company 

If employee suspects or finds evidence that some employee or persons performing on behalf of Company entered into the bribery or corruption, shall report to superior immediate or report though whistle blowing channel. When Company receives that reporting, shall conduct seriously, and will not punish to that employee who inform with integrity.

  1. Company assures employee that no any employee will be demoted or penalty or receives any impact when denying for bribery. Even though that deny will cause Company to loss business or miss the new business opportunities. The Company believes that Policy of Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery and Zero-Tolerance Policy will create value to Company. Moreover, Company does not allow anyone to threaten or hold  the willingness of employee to perform in accordance with this policy.
  2. If employee believes that he is threaten or hold, shall report directly to subordinate or    head of Human Resources Department immediately. If it is still not receiving any   correction, shall report to the whistle blowing channel of Company

Company will have discipline punishment to employee who violates the conduct according to this policy, including direct superior who ignore for misconduct or know for wrong actions but not try to correct.  The discipline penalty has until dismiss.  Not knowing this policy and/or related legal requirement cannot use as reference for un-perform.

Internal Audit Office will audit internal control system and other processes regularly in order to ensure that internal control process is effective against bribery and corruption, by discussing finding of audit with related person in order to find appropriate correction and will further report to executive and Audit Committee.

Channels for Receiving Clues or Corruption Complaints Channels for Receiving Clues or Corruption Complaints

Channels for Receiving Clues or Corruption Complaints

The Board of Directors assigned the Chief Executive Officer and/or the Company Secretary to consider clues, complaints about any suspicious acts that may directly or indirectly cause corruption within the company. In 2019, the Board of Directors agreed to increase channels to receive clues. Any suspicious clues can be submitted to the Audit Committee’s and the Secretary of the Audit Committee’s emails.

A complainer must specify details of a matter to be reported or complaint including name, address and telephone number and send it to the following channels.


1. Inform through e-mail channel of

Chief Executive Officer                                                     Email

Company Secretary                                                          Email

Chairman of Audit Committee                                        Email

Audit Committee                                                               Email

Audit Committee                                                              Email

Audit Committee Secretary                                            Email


2. Send to post office and sealed to

Mr. Theerachai      Leenabanchong                            Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Onchulee         Lawsmithikul                                 Company Secretary

Pol.Lt. Sivaraks      Phinicharomna                             Chairman of Audit Committee

Dr. Nathee             Naktnasukanjn                               Audit Committee

Mr. Pianchai           Thawornrat                                    Audit Committee

Mr. Komwut            Pornnaradon                                 Audit Committee Secretary

UA Withya Public Company Limited.

247 Romklao Road, Saen Saeb Sub-District, Minburi District, Bangkok 10510.

Whistle Blower or complainers regarding fraud are the stakeholders of Company; shareholders, customer, trade competitors, debtors, government, community, society, executives, and employees of Company. Therefore, either inform in whether whistle blowing channel, will receive right protection according to law or Company’s guidelines.

  1. Company will keep information and conceal name, address and other information which could identify the complainers or whistle blower and keep confidentially, especially the person who has responsibility to investigate complaint only that can access to that information.
  2. The person who receives information regarding complaints has duties to keep information, complaints, and evidence of complainers as confidence, do not disclose to others who does not involve, except the disclosure in accordance with legal requirement.
  3. Company will disclose when it’s necessary by considering the safety and damage of whistle blower or concern.
  4. Victims will be rescue for damage with the appropriate and fair process.

In order to everyone in organization to know for Anti-Corruption and Fraud Policy, Company will perform as follows:

  • Company will post Anti-Corruption and Fraud Policy at every bulletin board of the Company
  • Company will publicize Anti-Corruption and Fraud Policy through Company’s communication channel such as Electronic Mail (e-mail), Company’s web site, Disclosure Report for Annual Data (56-1), Annual Report (56-2) and leaflet, etc.
  • Company will provide training for Anti-Corruption and Fraud Policy to new employee and also add in the employee manual.
  • Company will review Anti-Corruption and Fraud Policy every year.

*** Please apply from 10 November 2017 onwards.

Collective Action Coalition of the Private Sector Against Corruption