UWC’s Gross Profit Margin increases 295% in 6M/2020

UWC unveils its business which believed that it overcomes its own lowest circumstance. Move forward to attempt their key Infrastructure and Telecommunications Tower’s Industry onwards.

Theerachai Leenabanchong, CEO said our overall performance has steadily shift positively. For the 6M/2020, UWC has the gross profit at 59.2 million baht, increased over 295% comparing with the same period of previous year which has the gross profit at 79.8 million baht. This competitiveness shown the gradually growth since Q1 this year. With entirely organization restructuring and internal management can drive the overall efficiency, eliminating the unnecessary expenses and optimize the production cost.

Obviously, UWC overcomes the lowest stage after organization restructuring. To make the optimal business result, UWC decided to eliminate all non-core and non-profit moving businesses. In the Q2/2020 performance, the figure indicated the total loss in total of 163.88 million baht which are mostly come from the depreciation record of those 3 Biomass Power Plant Selling in total of 149 million baht approximately. Likewise, the loss figure partially taken from the operation loss in total of 18.39 million baht, reducing from 79.34 million baht in the previous Q2/2019.