Good Corporate Governance Policy

The Board of Director of Ua Withya Public Company Limited realizes the importance of developing good corporate governance systems, operate business with integrity, morality, responsible for the performances, ability to complete and fair to all stakeholders in order to build prosperity, increase shareholders’ value adhere to the Principle of Good Corporate Governance for the listed company of 2012 the Stock Exchange of Thailand which set up 5 principles. At present, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issues “Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies 2017” (CG Code) in order to be the principles, to encourage Board of Director to implement these.  At the Board of Directors No.1/2019 dated 26 February 2019, directors considered and reviewed the Corporate Governance Code of the Company for 14 items in which the Company selected to further conduct as explained together with reasons as stated in the minutes of the meeting. “Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies 2017” (CG Code) of 2017 has the following 8 principles to perform;

Principles 1: Establish Clear Leadership Role and Responsibilities of the Board of Director to create the value to the enterprise sustainably.
Principles 2: Define Objectives the Promote Sustainable Value Creation.
Principles 3: Strengthen Board of Director Effectiveness.
Principles 4: Ensure Effective CEO and People Management.
Principles 5: Nurture Innovation and Responsible Business.
Principles 6: Strengthen Effective Risk Management and Internal Control.
Principles 7: Ensure Disclosure and Financial Integrity.
Principles 8: Ensure Engagement and Communication with Shareholders.