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Infrastructure for Electric Power and Telecom

From expertise and experience in design and manufacturing
of high-voltage transmission towers for over 53 years.

Ua Withya Public Company Limited (UWC) is the first manufacturer of high-voltage transmission tower and substation, who is certified by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT).

Moreover, UWC has expertise in design and manufacturing telecommunication towers,                which are installed for all mobile phone operators in Thailand.

We have been listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 2012,                                                      and have increased its authorized capital to 1,900 million baht in 2015.

Despite our long establishment in Infrastructure for Electric Power and Telecom business,               we are continuing to advance our development with new technology. Our commitment is                  to move forward to meet electricity needs and connectivity excellence for now and the future.

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High-Voltage Transmission Tower and Substation Steel Structures
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Telecommunication Business
Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Good corporate governance

Corporate Governance Policy

The Board of Director of Ua Withya Public Company Limited realizes the importance of developing good corporate governance systems, operate business with integrity, morality, responsible for the performances, ability to complete and fair to all stakeholders in order to build prosperity, increase shareholders’ value adhere to the Principle of Good Corporate Governance for the listed company of 2012 the Stock Exchange of Thailand which set up 5 principles. At present, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issues “Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies 2017” (CG Code) in order to be the principles, to encourage Board of Director to implement these.  At the Board of Directors No.1/2019 dated 26 February 2019, directors considered and reviewed the Corporate Governance Code of the Company for 14 items in which the Company selected to further conduct as explained together with reasons as stated in the minutes of the meeting. “Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies 2017” (CG Code) of 2017 has the following 8 principles to perform;

Anti - Corruption Policy

Ua Withya Public Company Limited has participated and announced intentions of  Private Sector Collective Action, Coalition against Corruption (CAC) and set up a policy of Anti-Corruption date since 17 December 2015, tougher with other activities in order for applying certification. In 2019, UWC has received a certificate at CAC National Conference Day 2019.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. All executives have duties and responsibility to ensure that its own subordinate realizes and understand the Anti-Corruption and Fraud Policy and already be trained sufficiently and regularly.
  2. Employee will perform to be in line with Anti-Corruption and Fraud Policy. In case of any query or find any violation to Anti-Corruption and Fraud Policyมm shall immediate report to superior or through the Company’s reporting channel specified according to policy for misconduct and fraud, investigation, and protection the whistle blowers.

Collective Action Coalition of the Private Sector Against Corruption

Channel of Complaint

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Rama 3 office

1011 Supalai Grand Tower, 17th Floor Rama 3 Road, Chong Nonsi Subdistrict, Yannawa District, Bangkok 10120

Romklao Factory

247 Romklao Road, Saen Saeb Subdistrict, Thailand Min Buri District, Bangkok 10510


Phone: +662 049 1041 (Rama 3 Office)
Phone: +662 543 9020 (Factory)
Email: info@uwc.co.th

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