With design technology of telecommunication towers, together with expertise in high-voltage transmission tower and telecommunication tower, UWC has been trusted by domestic and international projects.

Our leading telecommunication customers are AIS, DTAC, Truemove, Huawei, CAT and TOT.

Self Support Tower

Self Support Tower is the tower which higher than 30 – 120 m. with both of 3 and 4 leg structures, this is very strong and stable.  There is no need cable for connecting with the ground. It is suitable for installing on ground horizontal towers

Guyed Mast Towers

                     Guyed Mast Tower is steel wielding structure column design which have sling to tide up 3 sides to the foundation.                                      This method need to have large area for installation.

Telecommunication pole

                                         The telecommunications Pole is a small single-pole with 3 legs attached to the ground.                                                    This pole can be installed in limited area especially popular install on the rooftop of buildings in urban communities.

Our leading telecommunication customers are AIS, DTAC, TruemoveH, Huawei, CAT and TOT.